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When it comes to outdoor lighting designs and installation, no one does it better than our team of technicians. 

Landscape Lighting Coral Springs , FL

It is surprising how much proper landscape lighting can uplift your home. It can transform even the most mundane properties into masterpieces, significantly increasing their market value.


​That’s why it is so important to get a landscape lighting professional - someone like us. We are the best in Coral Springs and will provide you with high-quality services within your preferred timelines.


We have years of experience in lighting and have worked on properties in Coral Springs and beyond. All you must do is ask around the neighborhood to hear of our glowing reputation. So, if you’re finally ready to take this next step in your property’s journey, do give us a call. We’re always happy to hear from you!


You may not be aware, but landscape lighting can significantly increase the value of your home. It has been shown to transform even the most mundane properties into masterpieces that increase in market value. That’s why it important to get a professional - someone like us!

We are Coral Springs’ best and brightest when it comes to landscape lighting, with years of experience and work on properties all over town. All you have to do is ask around the neighborhood and you will hear about our glowing reputation. So if you want a beautiful house that stands out from the rest, then let us show you how we can make your property shine!


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About US

We bring beautiful designs to life

Throughout the years we have been in operation, we have established a system that works for both us and our clients. For one, we always use top-notch energy-saving LED lights in all our installations. Secondly, we use the highest quality of fixtures, most of which are copper or brass. Also, we embrace technology and can even install smart lights for you if you want.


Moreover, we are fully insured, licensed, and offer a warranty on all our products and services. And to sweeten the pot, we do all our pricing upfront. You don’t have to worry about any hidden costs. Everything is done efficiently and transparently. So whether you want lighting done on your residential or commercial property, just give us a call. We’re always just a few minutes away.




Here are some common questions we receive about added landscape lighting or outdoor lighting to homes or buildings.

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Our Services

Since we are great believers in the power of diversifying one’s services, we have several of them to offer. They include:

Luxury villa with big swimming pool interior outdoor

No matter how big or small your home is, we can do your lighting installation for you. Throughout such a project, our designers and installers work hand in hand with you to create the greatest look for you. Usually, we combine downlighting, and up lights to create a balanced look.


Moreover, we install path lights, driveway lighting, and even walkway lighting. So we are more than equipped to handle the lighting of any of the amenities you have on your property. Before we get started with the installation though, you’ll have to pick the kind of light fixtures you want. While we usually advise clients to go for brass or copper ones, the final decision lies with you

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Commercial Landscape lighting

This service is for those who run businesses and want to add a little oomph to their sites. After all, everyone knows that appearances go a long way in attracting customers. Ultimately, pretty lights could be the only thing standing between you and your next big client.

Since we know this, we go to extreme lengths to ensure that all our commercial installations are top-notch. We always go for the best fixtures and even offer special features like wall washing and color-changing lighting. Needless to say, we are thorough and dedicated to leaving your property as beautiful as possible.

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Worker connecting wire on ground spots lights at bottom of tree, low voltage landscape lighting - tree lighting.

Landscape lighting Maintenance

Like all good things in life, landscape lighting needs to be maintained. As such, it is always a good idea to sign up for our monthly, quarterly, or yearly lighting maintenance plans. Under these services, we ensure everything is in good shape. Whether a few of the bulbs just burned out or the fixtures have begun to wear and tear, we are sure to catch it.


To cover our bases, we even go as far as checking for foliage growth and exposed wires. Once we are done, everything that needs fixing will be fixed. So stop living by chance; give us a call today and we’ll set up a suitable plan for you in no time.

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Before any kind of landscape lighting is installed on your property, we will have to do some design work. Since this is truly an art form, it requires a qualified professional. Not to worry though; our skilled designers are more than able to complete this task. After thorough consultations with you about your preferences, they can come up with a detailed site plan followed by a 3D rendering.


So by the time we start any installations, we are clear on how everything will look. This reduces the chances of mishaps and ensures that our installations perfectly correspond to your needs.

Photo of relaxing area outside of mansion at night

Patio and Lanai

Whether you have a patio, a porch, or a unique lanai, it could do with some good lighting. This will not only illuminate the area during the night but will also help you add some beautiful design elements to this space. Ultimately, this could significantly increase your curb appeal and drive up your property value.

 What’s more? You don’t have to do any of the sourcing or installation yourself; we can do it all for you. Since our professionals are constantly in touch with some of the best manufacturers, it is easier for us to acquire high-quality lights at affordable rates. As such, we offer a variety of lights that you can choose from.

 Moreover, our designers are some of the most competent in the field, always helping you come up with the best designs for your space. And when it comes to the installation, we’re not too shabby either. Ultimately, we always ensure our work is high-quality and meets all code requirements

​It’s never a bad idea to light up your swimming pool. Not only does it allow you to comfortably take night swims but it also adds an amazing aesthetic to the area. In fact, no matter what type of water feature you have on your property, it could do with a little lighting. And while other lighting contractors could find such a project tricky, not us.

 We have extensive experience in installing these kinds of lights and always do a great job. By employing the use of techniques like wash lighting, accent lighting, and moonlighting. 

Using this wide variety of light options we can assure you one thing; no matter what effect you are going for, we can achieve it.

LuxuryTropical Resort Pool at evening in dusk

Interior lighting in the kitchen

A super great kitchen is all about cabinet design and lighting. Lighting is always a great way to spice up any living space, lights are most important in the kitchen area. Kitchens hands down hold the most value in your home. With technology, these days you have the options for so many uniques LED lighting.

Some common lighting is in and throughout the cabinets of the kitchen. Our team partners with kitchen cabinets Tampa the best remodeling company to help you make your dream come true! They know exactly how to bring to life any cabinets in a kitchen.

lighted walkway with a fountain on each side

While lighting your deck may seem like a luxury, it is really a necessity, especially when it comes to safety. It allows you to navigate easily during the night and prevent accidents. Ultimately, deck lighting not only makes your deck safer and more secure but also makes it more enchanting. And since we specifically use low-voltage LED lights, it saves you some money on your electric bill as well.

Another thing you should know about deck lighting is that it should be housed within a durable plastic material. This is the only way that it can successfully withstand water and the minerals within it. So if you’re thinking of installing metallic parts, don’t do it; they will just corrode and need to be replaced sooner than later.

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