Lighting Solutions for the Perfect Deck Party

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Deck and patio parties are a great way to make good use of your precious little outdoor space. I don’t know about you but I get so busy during the week that I am lucky if I get a chance to catch my breath, much less spend any quality time out on the deck. A nice outdoor soiree is a great excuse to gather a bunch of your friends together, drag out the cooler, and grill up some burgers, brats and veggies. Of course, as winter approaches, the days are getting shorter, which means you need to plan accordingly by outfitting your deck with deck and patio lighting. No matter what sort of budget you are working with, there are plenty of deck lighting options out there for you. Here are some simple lighting solutions for your perfect deck party.

Outdoor Torches

No, I’m not talking about Tiki Torches, although those are a cheap and fun way to throw a great Luau or island-themed deck party! Conventional torch lights come in a variety of styles and finishes and can blend right in with any deck decor. Many outdoor torches are freestanding and come with their own weighted stand, while others come with a planter that you can fill with flowers. Make a statement with a modern stainless steel torch, or focus less on style and more on function with a traditional brass or bronze torch. Bracket torches are also a great way to make use of your deck space. Bracket torches attach themselves to your deck railings allowing you to maximize space. Choose from gas and oil-burning torches, candles – even citronella candles to help keep the bugs away in the summer.

Patio Umbrella Lighting

Do you have a big patio umbrella on your deck? Why not add some lights to the underside of your umbrella so you can use it into the evening? No sense in ending the festivities as soon as it gets dark out. With many styles available, you can get umbrella light LED strips that easily attach to the inside of the umbrella. You can also find lamps that latch onto the umbrella pole and these are all usually weather-resistant, allowing you to leave them outside if it starts raining.

Step Lighting

If your deck has steps down to the backyard, pool, or driveway, step lights are essential. You don’t want to worry about your friends and neighbors stumbling and hurting themselves while coming to and from your deck. Additionally, step lights add a good deal of ambiance to your deck. Step lights also seamlessly blend right in with the stairs so during the day they are barely noticeable.

Path Lighting

Equally as important are installing some sort of path lights along the paths to and from your deck. Path lights provide for a clear exit when guests decide that it’s time to call it a night. With the recent push towards “going green,” solar lights, LEDs, and other types of energy-saving lighting options are available, making it easier for you to do your part and cut back on energy consumption.

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